Bachelor Party Ideas in Chicago

Need ideas for a bachelor party in Chicago?

We’ve had the pleasure of hosting many incredible bachelor parties over the years and present to you our roundup of top 10 bachelor party ideas in Chicago before your buddy takes the plunge:

  1. Dinner
    Any worthwhile bachelor party must involve a suitable dinner with the squad. Whether this means going out to a fancy restaurant, or arranging a BBQ on the beach, be sure to plan for delicious food and drinks, worthy of the bachelor’s taste.
  2. Boating
    Kicking off the day with a few hours of boating is a great way to bond, and sets the right tone for the momentous occasion. Chicago has many great locations on Lake Michigan that provide excellent BYOB boat charters at a reasonable price.
  3. Clubbing
    A final hoorah in Chicago’s club scene can be an epic way to cap off your buddy’s bachelorhood. Opt for the bachelor’s preferred establishment and pay special consideration to the bachelor’s music preferences. There is one critical rule to follow: Make reservations in advance. No reputable establishment will accept a crowd of guys without prior arrangements. For obvious reasons.
  4. Poker
    Getting the team together for a game of Poker is a tried and true bachelor party tradition. Key to success here is to keep the game at, or under, a few hours. Poker can quickly turn into an all-night affair, so create an exit plan and stick to the schedule.
  5. Paintball
    Is your buddy the active type? If so, get the boys together for a massive shootout at one of Chicago’s excellent paintball venues. Paintball can be an unforgettable experience and a good lead in for the evening festivities. Disclaimer: be sure to limit game time according to the group fitness level. Otherwise, your entire squad may be too tired to enjoy the evening.
  6. Camping
    If your group is the outdoor type and weather permits, consider planning a camping trip. Camping is a great way to connect with your crew, and can be a memorable experience for the bachelor. What better way to reconnect than sitting around a campfire, exchanging stories and advice? Be sure to select a safe camp ground and prepare properly.
  7. Skiing
    Several excellent ski resorts are located on the outskirts of Chicago. Full or half day skii trips with the team can be a lot of fun. Whether you spend the night near the resort or return to Chicago for the evening, consider a more down-tempo activity as most of your crew will likely leave it all on the hills.
  8. Sky Diving  
    If your friend finally found the courage to get hitched, show him support by taking a dive from 12,000+ feet in the air. Sky diving is an unforgettable, exhilarating experience that your group will never forget. Plan to dive in the morning followed by a hardy lunch to settle the nerves. This is one of our favorite bachelor party ideas in Chicago!
  9. Sporting Event
    Chicago has a slew of incredible sports teams well worth watching. Yes, even a Bears can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. Depending on the game time, a sporting event is a great lead-in or follow up to dinner. Plan around the bachelor’s interests and you won’t go wrong.
  10. Strip Club
    No bachelor party is complete without the strip club experience. Your friend is counting on you to arrange a final glimpse into uncut bachelorhood, so don’t let him down. Surround the bachelor with sexy, naked girls and exotic dancers, who will make him feel like he’s on top of the world. Be sure to select a strip club that understands the importance of quality adult entertainment. Atlantis strip club hosts the most epic bachelor parties in Chicago, and we can help you plan a worthy party for your friend. Click here to book a party today.

Planning a great bachelor party can be challenging and it is up to you to make sure all the activities are enjoyable and flow smoothly. With some thought, planning and research, you are on your way to delivering the bachelor party experience that your friend will never forget. And no matter what you do, one thing is certain, be sure to leave room for strippers!

Looking for more bachelor party ideas in Chicago? Contact us and we’ll help you out!

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